The eHealth Philippines forum feature aims to provide a platform to discuss different health issues in the country with the participation and insights from the different component of the health sectors such as nurses, doctors, researches, patients, health organizations, and more. This feature presents a continuous discussion of the issue even after a conference was held on certain topic. This will support the conducted conference.

Also, this feature will connect different eHATID LGU users for their concern and stories in using the technology and application. This will collect information on the use of EMRs of the different RHUs and health facilities in the country.

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    • Health Topics: Ask a Doctor

      Answers to medical questions provided by qualified Medical Experts

      Pregnant? Strange lumps? Or do you want to learn the side effect of a certain medication? From anxiety to cancer… TB to depression, a qualified doctor or medical expert can answer your medical questions.

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      Welcome! This is a good place to start your way at eHealth PH. Feel free to say something about yourself and let our fellow eHealth Members welcome you with outstretched arms.

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       Kristian Nabus