• Vince Tumulos
    Vince Tumulos
    March 25, 2013 at 2:16 pm #1482

    Dear All,

    In regards to local health research initiatives on TB, here is the current local researches funded by PCHRD implemented by different research institutions.

    1. Incidence of Active Tuberculosis Among Health Workers with Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTB) i nTertiary Hospital Settings – UP PGH
    2. Development and Testing of an Integrated Tuberculosis – Paragonimiasis Surveillance and Control Project – UP – NIH
    3. Herbal Drugs Against Tuberculosis – UP Diliman
    4. Patient’s Knowledge on Tuberculosis and the Determinants of Treatment Compliance – University of Regina Carmeli, Bulacan
    5. Patient’s and Health System Factors as Predictors to Delay in Tuberculosis Detection and Treatment in Region III – Holy Angel University


      Also, there are 1078 researches done locally that can be searched at HERDIN database.


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