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    8th eHealth Online Discussion: 
    “Ano ang mga dapat Ipangamba sa Sakit na Dengue?”
    24 June 2013, 9am-5pm

    To find areas for convergence among various institutions, individuals, organizations and stakeholders concerned with Dengue and its risks.

    The online discussion will be moderated by two moderators, a global moderator who will moderate and oversee the complete forum and a moderator assigned to moderate specific sub forums.

    A regular (registered) forum user can join the discussion thread on dengue (e.g. ask questions to a specific resource person, share their ideas or comments) at whatever time they want within the day (24 June 2013). They shall be asked to visit the forum site and input their comments or answer queries from their fellow participants at least thrice a day (depending on their availability within the day).

    Day 0: Registration (19-23 June 2013)
    -Participants are asked to register and create their eHealth profile on the eHealth website. Please go to http://www.ehealth.ph to register. Please wait for the eHealth administrator to send a confirmation email to your registered email account. Please be advised against registering on the day of the online discussion itself, as the site may be slow and busy that day. Participants are encouraged to post their picture, contact information, and signature.
    -Please test the forum functionalities to familiarize one’s self with the platform and avoid confusion on the forum day itself.
    -Participants are encouraged to invite their volunteers and supporters, and share the online event to other people and communities who may be interested in the online discussion topic.
    -Please feel free to contact us through des.santos03@gmail.com and through SMS 09236705623 for further inquiries, and through greg.hermo@gmail.com for technical difficulties.

    Day 1: 24 June 2013 (9am to 5pm)
    -Resource speakers shall be asked to give their opening message (9am to 12nn) after the moderators introduce them. After their opening messages, the moderators shall officially open the forum by giving the welcome remarks of Dr. Dennis B. Batangan, Institute of Philippine Culture Research Associate and eHealth PH Project Director.
    -The moderators shall determine the emerging sub-topics and shall redirect the resource speakers to their respective sub-forum sites to avoid cluttering of ideas. Please feel free to ask the administrators for links of redirected sub-topics.
    -At that point, participants can join the discussion. They are free to join and input their ideas in any of the discussion threads on emerging health issues and the candidates’ health agendas.
    -There will be an assigned moderator that will summarize the discussion points twice (12:00nn-1:00pm, 5:00pm-6:00pm). The synthesis of the said discussion will be posted by 6pm.

    Some reminders:
    1. Once a comment (from a participant, moderator, or other resource speaker) is posted on the discussion thread, an email alert from the eHealth administrator shall be sent to the email addresses of all the forum users. Hence, email accounts of users may be flooded by eHealth email alerts on 24 June 2013.

    2. Refreshing of the forum site is necessary from time to time to see if someone had input their comments.

    3. Technically, the participants and resource speakers may opt to join the discussion wherever and whenever they want so long as they have internet access. However, all are asked to go online on the early part of the discussion from 9am to 12nn for the official opening.

    Thank you and we are looking forward to a fruitful discussion with you!

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