• Zsar Virag
    Zsar Virag
    November 16, 2012 at 11:35 am #1496

    Dear All,

    Let me conclude the aims of the online meeting.

    To follow up the summer school, as discussed in Budapest, we tried to find out whether and how we could submit an ICT proposal. As I indicated into the agenda, the 10 ICT call of the European Commission was published in the summer with a deadline of 15 January 2013. There are 8 challenges, out of which challenge 5 could be interesting for the participants since it relates to eHealth and ambiant assistance living technologies.

    We received many good ideas from you which were forwarded to relevant Hungarian researchers who could be possible involved once we have a more concrete idea. Here is the list and which proposal should be addressed:

    1. 0% spam e-mail system (Chalee)

    ICT-2013.3.4 Advanced Computing, embedded and control systems???

    Problem for me: in this from it is not related to Health and the others cannot join the proposal. But if you have partners, of course, you can go ahead.

    2. Anonymity framework (Chalee)

    ICT 2013.1.5 Trustworthy ICT

    Problem: does not related either solely to Health, but it could be combined with the ideas of Rhia.

    3. Health Technology Assessment and policy assessment (HTA-PA) (Dennis & Nunik)

    ?ICT 2013.5.3 ?

    ? ICT 2013.5.5?

    The problem is here that in case of topic 5.5 the topic shall concentrate on governmental and governance issues, linked to the everyday administrative problems of citizens… In case of 5.3 you don’t have to bother with policy issues. Could be combined with the ideas of Rhia.

    4. REhabilitation and Aid for Challenges in Health (Rhia)

    ICT 2013.5.1 Personalized health, active ageing, and independent living

    It should be more in line with the topic of the call, but many other ideas could be integrated.

    What could be the upcoming steps?

    The purpose of the online meeting was to discuss in words which topic could be addressed jointly and to have a more concrete idea with which we could contact possible partners. You have to pay very much attention to the description of the Work Programme because the evaluators are very keen on to harmonize your proposed project idea the best with the official call.

    Then in order to submit such a proposal you need at least 3 European partners from at least 2 different countries. So it is also a task for you to think over whether you have such partners with whom you have already worked with and we also contacted the relevant Hungarian researchers but they need more concrete ideas.

    What is also important to highlight that your idea focuses on innovation and it is an innovative approach, methodology and/or prototype which is worth to be supported by the EU. Moreover, based on the call, you also have to think on what solutions and productivity gains could be derived from the research.

    So first, as agreed with Rhia and Chalee, please discuss among yourselves how your ideas could be combined and to which call could they fit. Once you have this, we can check whether it is suitable for an FP7 proposal. If yes, we can move ahead.

    Also please really consider whether you could reach out European partners from your relations.

    To sum up. each of your ideas are really good BUT it is you who can examine how they could be combined and fit into one of the topics. We are ready to help once you have this.

    I copy the link of the ICT work programme: ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/download?docId=32767
    and the ICT call fiche: ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/download?docId=32881

    Thanks for your contribution!!!

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