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    20Nov 2013 message from Mayor Rony Molina of San Jose Buenavista Antique “A few weeks ago Visayas was hit by a monstery typhoon ” Yolanda” who had created a massive destruction and affected thousands of lives. Our municipality, San Jose, Antique was also affected by this super typhoon. Luckily for us we have prepared ahead of time, conducting early evacuation of families from coastal brgys. and other families that we think will be much affected when the typhoon hit the province. Everybody was advice to be vigilant and be ready for evacuation whenever is necessary for the sake of safety. With the help of our MDRRMC team and all the LGU family, San Jose has only suffered minor and partial damages in our homes and infrastructures with zero or no casualties. After the typhoon and as the Mayor had sure that San Jose was stable we extended our help to our neighboring municipalities and other provinces who was also affected by typhoon Yolanda.
    The typhoon has topped many of our electric post causing the lost of electricity and phone signals in our area. My apology ehealth team, for not making a post this past weeks because of signal problems. Right now, I am using my computer to open your website and post my reports still the signal is weak. But, rest assured that we will do our best to delivery to you the health status of our community.
    Currently our MHO has encoded about 500 data. And the top morbidity disease in our community is still Essential ( primary) Hypertension with 81 cases, followed by Acute Bronchitis with 53 cases, Respiratory Tuberculosis with 24 cases, Acute Upper Respiratory Infection with 20 cases, Acute Pharyngitis with 19 case, Bronchopneumonia with 17 cases, Primary Respiratory Infection and Urinary tract Infection both with 15 cases, Pneumonia with 14 cases and Type 2 diabetes with 11 cases. Most of this diseases has decrease in number of cases from March 2013 to present, November 2013.
    One of our concerns here in San Jose is the doctor-patient ratio. The contract of our DTTB has already expired and we our hoping that they will consider our request for another DTTB for this is a big help in our Municipality.

    Thank you so much and God Bless us all!”

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